Ginga BNB Mixer reaches Surface

Because Binance Coin is now becoming more mainstream than ever, we are pleased to tell you that after:

  • Offering our services on the darknet for more than 2 years.
  • Successfully mixing hundreds of thousands of BNB.
Ginga BNB Mixer is now only available on the Tor network at an Onion V3 address and is now mainstream. Our Ginga BNB Mixer is now available via the "Deep Web" link:        ginga5hqpwydq4...le6z6tgcid.onion.

Ginga BNB Mixer

Our goal is to raise awareness about the lack of anonymity that goes with cryptocurrencies such as BNB/BUSD (due to blockchain transparency). However, it is not a fatality! Our Ginga BNB Mixer is the perfect solution for everyone willing to reach financial anonymity and freedom. By Mixing your BNB with other BNB, our BNB Mixer will break the trails between your old and your new wallet.

Mix BNB in 3 Easy Steps

Create an Order

Just let us know where you want your Mixed BNB to be forwarded. No registration or personal info needed.

Mix your BNB

Feed your BNB to the Mixer and it will automatically mix your coins with other BNB coming from different sources.

Enjoy Freedom

Different BNB will be automatically forwarded to the Address you specified in your order. Enjoy your Anonymity.

The Most Efficient BNB Mixer