Best Ginga BNB Mixer

Anonymous Mixing Service

As you know, nowadays most of the exchange require you to comply with KYC (Know Your Customers), they ask you to register with your real identity, and even ask for your ID...
However, Ginga BNB Mixer believes that Anonymity is the first requirement of Freedom. That's why, we don't require you to register for using our Ginga BNB Mixer. We don't ask you for any personal information, we do not keep any logs and we obviously don't comply with KYC!

Low Fees

Ginga BNB Mixer is amongs, if not the cheapest Ginga BNB Mixer available online!
Our service fees range between 1% and 3% of the total amount of BNB you want to mix. You are free to choose the price, depending on the options you select during the Order Creation process. The BNB transaction fees will also be deducted from that amount (at the Regular Gas Price).

Easy and User Friendly

Ginga BNB Mixer has been designed for everyone, we focused on user experience and are always updating our website to make it even easier. Thus, you will have no problem using our Mixing service even though you are not a geek!

Instant Mix

The biggest strenght of Ginga BNB Mixer is that we already premixed hundreds of thousands of BNBs! If you don't want to wait for a mix and you want clean anonymous BNB forwarded to you instantly: No problem, we can do it ! Just choose your delay when creating your BNB mixing order.

Safe and Secure

Ginga BNB Mixer do not require registration, do not store logs, and do not comply with KYC. Every information relating to your mixes are automatically deleted after 24hours.

The Most Trusted Mixer

After offering our services on the Darknet for more than 2 years, servicing hundreds of thousands of customers by mixing hundreds of thousands BNB for them: we have been a well known and well trusted service amongst the Crypto Community.